One White Label SEO Toolkit For All The Problems SEO Agencies Face

We started developing our SEO toolkit by asking one simple question, "What problems are SEO agencies facing today?"

Our tools are the product of us answering that question, and coming together to create a truly one-stop SEO product that agencies know they can rely on to best serve their clients.

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SEO agencies live by their ability to track large amounts of ranking data and other SEO metrics for their clients. Our tools transform how agencies get work done.

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Enterprise-Grade Keyword Tracking

Our keyword tracker goes above and beyond to truly be the best in the business. Not only is accuracy guaranteed, but we also provide you with transformative visualization tools.

For Agencies

A Pricing Model That Accounts For Scale

We only charge you on the number of keywords you want to track. As you sign up more clients, this model gives you unprecedented to grow without accruing any hidden costs!

For Agencies

Tools That Surface the Most Important Info

From alerts on any on-site changes to individual on-site element scores, always be up to date with even the smallest changes made to your clients' SEO. Wayward changes made by clients are no longer a problem!

For Agencies

Account Executives to the Rescue

A huge part of the RankGenie advantage is our unrivaled customer support. We truly go the extra mile; a dedicated account executive will be with you every step of the way. On top of that, we even offer 24/7 live customer support. Something that next to no one is doing in the industry currently.

For Agencies

Beyond Simple Client Management

An expedited client onboarding process allows you to not only quickly add them to your dashboard, but also to assign them to specific project managers, each with their own login details. What's more, no additional charges for user management!

For Agencies

Every White Label Tool You'll Ever Need

From generating almost instantaenous audit reports the moment a client signs up to customizing every element in them, putting your logo on beautiful automated SEO reports, and so much more!

A Pricing Model That Lets You Do So Much More

We made RankGenie to serve as an equalizer; so everyone from the smallest business to the largest SEO agency have the chance to make it. Our pricing model reflects that core belief.

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The RankGenie Advantage

What It Means to be Enterprise-Grade
  • Keyword Tracking Accuracy That Rivals the Best in the Business
  • Tools That Save Your Agency an Unprecedented Amount of Valuable Time
  • An Astounding Breadth of Data That's Augmented by Buttery Ease of Use
  • Assign Clients and Project Managers to Projects In No Time
  • Robust Account Management Tools With Individual Login Details
  • No Extra Charges For User Management
The Most Customizable and Exhaustive White-Label SEO Reporting
  • Generate Almost Instantaneous White Label Audit Reports
  • Create Personalized Reports With Your Logo and Branding on a Deadline
  • Customize Each Element of the Report; From the Copy to the SEO Metric
  • Interface Tools That Enable SEO Agency Synergy
Get Weekly Reports, Plot Historical Data, and so Much More!
  • Data Visualization Tools That Let You See How Clients Are Ranking In A Convenient Plot
  • Always Know How Your Backlink Portfolio Is Doing; Become Aware of Negative SEO Immediately
  • Address Clients' Site Reputations Easily With Our Aggregated Site Review Scores
  • Our Toolkit Alerts You the Moment There's Been a Major Change in Any On-Site Element or Ranking
  • Compare Your Clients With Upto 5 Competitors' Backlink Portfolio To Establish Link Building Oppurtunities
Get a Bird's Eye View of All the Most Important On-Site Elements
  • Establish Domain Validity, Canoniclization, SSL Scores, and More
  • Know How Unique, Relevant, and Optimized Your Meta Tags Are
  • Weed Out Any URL Problems
  • Check Faulty HTML Code, Page Load Times, And Many Other Factors
  • Have Authoritative Data on All Your Backlinks
  • See How Scores Change As Soon As You Make Changes

RankGenie Stats

The unprecedented quality of our tools has helped us reach incredible scale,
incredibly fast. Here’s a look at some of our milestones.

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RankGenie was made because of our deep desire to empower DIY SEOs and agencies; that's why we love nothing more than hearing all the great feedback our customers have

As an Internet Marketing Consultant, some of the most frequent problems I’ve faced have been with keyword rankings. It’s completely understandable, considering the number of things that can go wrong— clients feel there’s some discrepancy if they’ve been using another IP to access the rankings or maybe a third party ranking tool that’s entirely unreliable, I constantly feel that there’s a need to explain keyword fluctuations and of course, there clients who feel the data is inadequate OR lacks volume. Having tried over 4 different keyword ranking services within the past year, I signed up for a free trial with Rank Genie and I have to say that two days into exploring it, I was impressed. As an independent internet marketing consultant, there white-hat reports came in the most handy. Another feature I liked the most was the comprehensive volume of data available for each keyword and each region. Apart from the ranking sheets, they also provide graphs and visual representation of keyword data, notifications for ranking fluctuations and access to one-stop, fully customizable data display. I think having access to a keyword ranking platform as comprehensive as Rank Genie would definitely make every digital marketer’s job unbelievably easier! Highly recommended!”