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Accurate keyword tracking is the lifeblood of any business that wants to leverage the incredible advantages of being online. With RankGenie's enterprise-grade tracking, we not only give SEO agencies the tools they deserve, but we also enable small businesses and freelancers to have access to a level of keyword tracking that wasn't available to them before.

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Get Latest Keyword Rankings On Demand!

SERP rankings wait for no one. That's why we don't make you wait for yours at RankGenie. Wiith competitors constantly performing their own SEO, it's important to always have the latest information. Our keyword tracking tool allows you to get instant rankings at the click of a button. All you have to do is wait for the email that informs you about the update and you're good to go.

Download Detailed White-Label Ranking Reports

You never know when a client might demand the latest on how their keywords are doing in the SEO project you took on for them. We let you generate near instantaneous White-Label SEO reports. Choose from you want an Excel file, PDF, or whether you want it emailed to you. With RankGenie, we give you a ton of options.

Track Historical Keyword

For every single keyword you're tracking on RankGenie, we let you see an immensely detailed historical plot of how it's been performing. This is along with the W/M ratio we already provide. Our tool lets you always be completely in touch with every keyword that matters to your business, letting you take immediate action in case something goes wrong. Be alerted the moment there's an upward or downward spike.

A Bevy of Customizable Sorting Options

There's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to SEO. That's why our keyword tracking tool lets you organize your data the way you want to. Whether it's by campaign, location, platform, the SEO dataset we provide you is as customizable as you want it to be. We even let you pin your most important keywords as favorites, so they never get lost among less important ones.

Track Unlimited Domains and Regions!

RankGenie is one of the only tools that allows you to track unlimited web domains, unlimited locales and regions, as well as adding as many SEO campaigns as you need. This gives you the previously unattainable freedom to not just save thousands on addon payments, but to also look beyond the present and invest in a future where your business can really grow.

Add As Many Campaigns As You Want To

RankGenie was built to allow SEO agencies and freelancers to grow exponentially. We don't charge you for adding campaigns, and we intend to keep it that way! Whether you have one campaign or one thousand, RankGenie not only expedites the client onboarding process, but it also allows you to reach immense scale without any hitches along the way.

Keyword Ranking for a Mobile-First World

We understand that just tracking keywords simply isn't enough anymore. Our tools tell you how your important keywords are ranking by platform. Whether it's from the web, smartphones, or tablets, we give you deep insight into how you can optimize for the platforms that your clients are using. Get the organic traffic you want and watch your leads turn into conversions.

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RankGenie was made because of our deep desire to empower DIY SEOs and agencies; that's why we love nothing more than hearing all the great feedback our customers have

As an Internet Marketing Consultant, some of the most frequent problems I’ve faced have been with keyword rankings. It’s completely understandable, considering the number of things that can go wrong— clients feel there’s some discrepancy if they’ve been using another IP to access the rankings or maybe a third party ranking tool that’s entirely unreliable, I constantly feel that there’s a need to explain keyword fluctuations and of course, there clients who feel the data is inadequate OR lacks volume. Having tried over 4 different keyword ranking services within the past year, I signed up for a free trial with Rank Genie and I have to say that two days into exploring it, I was impressed. As an independent internet marketing consultant, there white-hat reports came in the most handy. Another feature I liked the most was the comprehensive volume of data available for each keyword and each region. Apart from the ranking sheets, they also provide graphs and visual representation of keyword data, notifications for ranking fluctuations and access to one-stop, fully customizable data display. I think having access to a keyword ranking platform as comprehensive as Rank Genie would definitely make every digital marketer’s job unbelievably easier! Highly recommended!”