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All Your SEO Needs Served through One Platform

Most entrepreneurs, freelancers, and SEO agencies use an array of SEO tools that cost them anywhere between hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars per month. We have cut through the clutter and identified exactly what search engine optimizers need to improve the rankings of their websites: Automated SEO software and DIY SEO tools that offer keyword rank tracking, backlink analysis, and in-depth SEO audit all on one platform.

  • Achieve unprecedented scale
  • Save thousands of dollars on SEO
  • Dominate SERPs and attract leads

Rank Genie Caters To All Types Of Users

Whether you are a local business owner trying to increase your online presence, a freelance SEO strategist, or an SEO agency, we have all the features you need in an SEO tool.

For Agencies

Small Business Owners

Want to do your own SEO? Tap into the endless educational resources provided by Rank Genie. Learn everything you need to do your own SEO, use Rank Genie's platform to analyze your website and that of your competitor's, and gain actionable insights into how to get your website to rank higher on SERPS.

  • Track More Than 15 SEO Metrics
  • Analyze Unlimited Regions
  • Competitive Monthly Rates
  • DIY SEO Made Easy
  • Accurate and Affordable Rank Tracking
For Small Businesses

SEO Freelancers

Freelancers have to tackle multiple clients, keep track of keyword ranking for all, anticipate the latest curve balls from Google, and maintain a healthy backlink profile for each client. With Rank Genie, you can accomplish all of that and more.

  • Do More, Do It Faster
  • Easily Manage All Your Clients
  • Competitive Monthly Rates
  • White-Label Reports for your clients
  • White-label proposals for prospects
For Freelancers

SEO Agencies

SEO agencies need accurate tools to win over and retain their customers. Rank Genie has the capability to handle multiple users, each with their exclusive access rights and projects, timely alerts and rank tracking capabilities like none other.

  • White-Label SEO Tools
  • Manage All Your Clients in One Place
  • Generate Comprehensive Reports
  • 24/7 Tech Support
  • Multiple Users with role defined access

More Than 15 Robust SEO Tool!

We've spent years synthesizing everything SEOs need to supercharge SERP rankings. Here is an overview of just a few of the tools we offer

Keyword Rank Tracker
  • Highly accurate keyword reporting
  • Plot graph for every keyword
  • Customizable rank data display
  • Analyze Unlimited Regions
  • Track Unlimited Web Domains
  • Individualized Rankings For Web, Tablets, and Mobile
Site Audit Score
  • Custom score generated by our in-house algorithm
  • Evaluate domain elements, HTML, metatags, and more than 8 other parameters
Backlink Research
  • Get rid of unauthorized backlinks
  • Know where your traffic is coming from
  • Validate all your backlinks
Link Opportunities
  • Compare with upto 5 competitors; see their backlinks and more!
  • Find sites that will bring you a ton of traffic
  • Watch your site rise on SERPs

We Created Rank Genie To
Facilitate Everyone Who Does SEO

There's way too much noise out there when it comes to SEO. Rank Genie jelps you cut through the noise and focus on what's important for the website you are working on.

Enterprise-Tailored Features
  • Generate Comprehensive Reports and Submit Them to Clients With Your Logo On Them
  • Assign Different Campaigns To Managers With Unlimited Login Details
  • Enterprise-Grade Keyword Tracking Accuracy
  • No Extra Charges For User Management
  • Send Immediate White-Label Audit Reports To Clients When They Sign Up
  • Extensive Report Customization
  • Keep Tabs of On-Site Elements on a Day-to-Day Basis
Slick and Powerful UI
  • Exhaustive Overview and Customized Alerts Always Keep You Posted
  • Powerful Data Visualization That Really Leverages Data In Novel Ways
  • Interface Design That Has No Learning Curve
  • Interface Tools That Enable SEO Agency Synergy
Minimize SEO Times
  • Powerful Tools That Help You Optimize Fast
  • Easily Set Up New Campaigns And Assign Them Within Minutes
  • View Problems With On-Page Elements on One Handy Page
  • See How Changes Made To Content and Code Affect On-Page Elements in Real-Time
Reliable Data
  • Enterprise-Grade Keyword Tracking
  • Custom Algorithms That Generate Useful Site Audit Scores
  • Plot Historical Data To Really Know How Your Page Has Been Performing
  • Supercharge Your Rankings With Best-In-Class Link Oppurtunities Builder
  • Have Authoritative Data on All Your Backlinks
Evolving Tools
  • Our Toolkit Adds More Modules All the Time; At No Extra Charge!
  • Our Existing Toolkit Gives You Access To More Than 15 Different Metrics
  • Long-Term Tool Support That's Unrivalled In the Industry

RankGenie Stats

The unprecedented quality of our tools has helped us reach incredible scale,
incredibly fast. Here’s a look at some of our milestones.

Active Campaigns
Regions Tracked
Keywords Tracked
of Satisfied Customers


RankGenie was made because of our deep desire to empower DIY SEOs and agencies; that's why we love nothing more than hearing all the great feedback our customers have

We started using Rank Genie for keyword tracking mainly because they deliver same day data on demand, and that too for an affordable price. The platform is simple to use and our team leads and SEO experts love it. Will give it 10/10.”

Fresh Index

Crawled Domains 7,025,781
Total BackLinks 2,231,326,418
Total Pages 4,961,485
Total Crawled Pages 1,777,920
Date 05-Oct-2021

Historic Index

Crawled Domains 2,34,159,603
Total BackLinks 2,231,326,418
Total Pages 727,291,786
Total Crawled Pages 97,027,677
Date 27 Jul 2019 to 05-Oct-2021
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