One White Label SEO Toolkit For All The Problems SEO Agencies Face

We started developing our SEO toolkit by asking one simple question, "What problems are SEO agencies facing today?"

Our keyword tracking tool is the product of us answering that question, and coming together to create a truly one-stop SEO product that agencies know they can rely on to best serve their clients.

 Put your entire team on Rank Genie. Assign Different Projects and Websites to them. Tracks 1000s of Keywords. Grow your business.

Track large amounts of ranking data and other SEO metrics for your clients with our Google rank checker tool. Our tools streamline and speed up your processes so you can accomplish more and focus on what's important.

For Agencies

Keyword Tracking

Get same day data on demand with Rank Genie's keyword tracker. Download White Labeled reports. Communicate results to your customers.

For Agencies

A Pricing Model That Accounts For Scale

We use a keyword based pricing model. As you grow and acquire more customers, you can scale your plan and add more keywords. You can also downscale if needed or add more users as you grow.

For Agencies

Tools That Surface the Most Important Info

From alerts on any on-site changes to individual on-site element scores, always be up to date with even the smallest changes made to your clients' SEO. Changes made by clients are no longer a problem!

For Agencies

Account Executives to the Rescue

A huge part of the RankGenie advantage is our unrivaled customer support. We truly go the extra mile; a dedicated account executive will be with you every step of the way. We are available during business hours.

For Agencies

Beyond Simple Client Management

An expedited client onboarding process allows you to not only quickly add them to your dashboard, but also to assign them to specific project managers, each with their own login details.

For Agencies

Every White Label Tool You'll Ever Need

From generating audit reports to identifying link building opportunities, you can download white label reports and share them with your customers and prospects.

We Give You the Key to the SEO Suite, So You're Empowered to Do Amazing Things

The RankGenie Advantage

Same Day Data On Demand
  • We automatically track keyword rankings weekly and provide you with updates
  • You can also demand same day data with a click of a button
  • Stay on top with accurate, almost real time data
  • An Astounding Breadth of Data That's Augmented by Buttery Ease of Use
  • Assign Clients and Project Managers to Projects In No Time
  • Robust Account Management Tools With Individual Login Details
White-Label SEO Reporting
  • Download data in the form of spreadsheets or pdfs
  • Analyze it, create recommendations, put your logo on it
  • Communicate results and recommendations to your clients
Get Weekly Reports, Plot Historical Data, and so Much More!
  • Always Know How Your Backlink Portfolio Is Doing; Become Aware of Negative SEO Immediately
  • Address Clients' Site Reputations Easily With Our Aggregated Site Review Scores
  • Our Toolkit Alerts You the Moment We Detect a Major Change in Any On-Site Element or Ranking
  • Compare Your Clients With Up to 5 Competitors' Backlink Portfolio To Establish Link Building Opportunities
Get a Bird's Eye View of All the Most Important On-Site Elements
  • Establish Domain Validity, Canonicalization, SSL Scores, and More
  • Know How Unique, Relevant, and Optimized Your Meta Tags Are
  • Weed Out Any URL Problems
  • Check Faulty HTML Code, Page Load Times, And Many Other Factors
  • Have Authoritative Data on All Your Backlinks
  • See How Scores Change As Soon As You Make Changes

Why Should I Use a Keyword Tracking Tool?

Whether you run a small business or manage SEO for clients, we’re sure you’re well-versed in the importance of keywords by now. Once you enter the world of SEO, it doesn’t take long for you to realize that keywords are omnipotent.

Simply put, they’re your golden ticket to ranking higher on Google search engine result pages (SERPs) and getting seen by your target audience. Having a winning keyword research strategy in place is a great way to give your business a much-needed boost in visibility and watch your sales skyrocket.

At RankGenie, we make sure you’re equipped with the tools you need to unlock impressive business growth. Our keyword rank monitoring tool helps you track your website’s ranking for high-volume keywords. As you gauge how well your website ranks on SERPs and analyze the metrics, you can adjust your keyword strategy accordingly. The outcome? Better reach, more traffic, and great sales.

If you’re taking care of SEO for your clients, you don’t have to worry about promising results that never seem to concretize. Our Google rank checker will help you get the data you need to work on creating actionable strategies that yield impressive results.

Cutting-Edge SEO Reporting Tools for SEO Agencies

We combine extensive experience, expertise, and the power of technology to create SEO solutions that not only work, but work well. Our SEO reporting tools are designed to help your clients stand out from the competition and hold their own. As the digital world becomes more competitive, disappearing in the background simply isn’t an option. If you want your clients to get more calls and make more sales, you have towalk the talk.

We help you do just that.

Over the years, we’ve tracked over 2million keywords across 22,000+ regions. Our experts work closely with SEO agencies to help transform their clients’ up-and-coming businesses into impressive success stories.

Why Should I Choose RankGenie for My Clients?

At RankGenie, we steer clear of cookie-cutter SEO strategies at all costs. The last thing we want is for your clients to get stuck in a rut because their SEO strategy was a one-size-fits-all catastrophe.

In the SEO world, replicating strategies is a recipe for disaster. Every business is different, and we take the time to understand those nuances as opposed to using the same ol’ strategy. We research and understand your business model, industry, target audience, and SEO goals to create an individualized strategy that yields impressive results.

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RankGenie Stats

The unprecedented quality of our tools has helped us reach incredible scale,
incredibly fast. Here’s a look at some of our milestones.

Active Campaigns
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RankGenie was made because of our deep desire to empower DIY SEOs and agencies; that's why we love nothing more than hearing all the great feedback our customers have

We started using Rank Genie for keyword tracking mainly because they deliver same day data on demand, and that too for an affordable price. The platform is simple to use and our team leads and SEO experts love it. Will give it 10/10.”

Fresh Index

Crawled Domains 7,025,781
Total BackLinks 2,231,326,418
Total Pages 4,961,485
Total Crawled Pages 1,777,920
Date 04-May-2020

Historic Index

Crawled Domains 2,34,159,603
Total BackLinks 2,231,326,418
Total Pages 727,291,786
Total Crawled Pages 97,027,677
Date 27 Jul 2019 to 03-May-2020
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