Tracking Your Links and Analyzing Competitor Link Profiles Made Easy

SEO is mostly all about link building. High quality sites that have a good reputation, are relevant to your industry, and get organic traffic can help your website rise through the ranks if they link to you. Search engines see their linking to you as an endorsement of your website/products/services (in case of a do-follow link). That is why you constantly need to identify and reach out to high quality websites to build links. Most SEOs do their backlink research with the help of paid and free backlink checkers of different types. With Rank Genie, you will gain access to the most comprehensive and up to date backlink checker on the internet.

Rank Genie's backlink tracker enables you to do a quick analysis of your website and:

  • Find out all the backlinks you currently have
  • Filter them based on the types of backlinks
  • View the domain authority and spam scores of the sites linking to you
  • View all the domains linking to you
  • View each link
  • See backlinks you gained during a specific period of time
  • See backlinks you lost during a specific period of time
  • Get the same data for any website in the world
  • Download the data in the form of spreadsheets and PDFs

The backlink tracker tool is available for unlimited use during the seven day free trial. So feel free to sign up and check it out.

SEO Simplified

Analyze your website, get actionable insights, and improve your ranking with the help of Rank Genie.

  • No credit card info needed.

Why Track Backlinks?

SEO professionals maintain backlink profiles of websites they are trying to rank for the following reasons:

  • Your link profile determines the quality rating of your website, so it is good to know where you stand, so that you can set realistic goals
  • Consistent tracking allows you to stay in control of your link building activities, as you can see new links you are acquiring and old links that you are losing
  • You can fight off negative SEO attacks / link spam by disavowing malicious websites linking to you
  • You can correlate your link building strategy and link profile with improvements or decline in rankings and organic traffic, to see if your current strategy is working
  • You can keep track of the organic links you are getting and analyze how you got them
  • You can keep track of newly acquired backlinks as a result of your link building activities (to see how your outreach is working)
  • You can create a detailed profile of the type of websites linking to you and the type of websites that you want to link to you
  • SEO freelancers and agencies also need backlink tracking to communicate results to their customers.
  • Business owners need this information for all the reasons we just mentioned.

How Rank Genie's Backlink Tracker Works

We keep track of all external links present on all websites on the internet, and as a result, we maintain a detailed record of every link headed to every website on the internet. When you use Rank Genie's backlink tracker to analyze a website, you are tapping in to a database that contains millions of records for do-follow, no-follow, sponsored, and UGC links.

To use Rank Genie's backlink tracker, you need to:

  1. Create an account on Rank Genie and go through the personalization process
  2. Click on the project you created once you are logged in the platform
  3. Click on the backlink tracker option on the options menu to the left
  4. Enter the url of the website whose backlinks you want to analyze, select the type of links, and hit the button
  5. Rank Genie will present all data related to the site's backlink profile showing SEO metrics such as Source Page URL, Total Links, Website Type, Page Authority, Domain Authority, and Spam Score

You can also click on the total links to see the actual links and anchor text.
You can download this data in the form of a spreadsheet so you can analyze it any way you want.
There is no limits on the data that is presented or the data that you can download. This backlink checker will serve all your backlink research needs and more.
Want to see Rank Genie's backlink tracker in action?

What Are Backlinks And Why Do They Matter?

Once you get started with digital marketing, it doesn’t take long for you to hear the word “backlinks” being thrown around in conversations. From SEO specialists to marketing experts, everyone in the online marketing world is gung-ho about “getting more backlinks.”

But what does any of this mean?

Backlinks are hyperlinks on third-party websites that redirect web users to your domain. Each time a business stumbles upon your content and references it on their page, they offer you a backlink. In other words, a backlink is a free online vote in your favor. As web users click on a backlink, they’re transported to your webpage, and the rest is history.

As you get an impressive amount of traffic, you’ll manage to boost conversions, increase sales, and get people buzzing about your products/services or content! Who wouldn’t want a free online vote? Nobody. And that’s exactly why backlinks are the latest obsession in SEO. They help you rank higher on search engine result pages (SERPs) and transform your online presence. At RankGenie, we help you check your website’s backlinksand stay ahead of the competition.

Improve Your Link Building Capabilities

One of the biggest reasons why backlink research is so important is because it opens up new avenues for link building, i.e. the process of getting hyperlinks from websites with high domain authority (great ranking abilities and online reputability). Using a backlink analysis tool helps you track and sort your backlinks. With a few clicks, you receive a comprehensive overview of backlinks gained, backlinks lost, the value of each backlink, and more.

How does this data help?

You can use these insights to work on your link building strategies. As you identify exactly where you’re lacking and what you need to do to reach your goals, you’ll be able to customize your ongoing SEO plans accordingly. A backlink explorer provides you with the stats you need to set performance-based goals and keep your business afloat in the competitive digital marketing world.

Experience the RankGenie Difference

At RankGenie, we’re hyperfocused on ensuring our clients get the results they want. We make sure our tools help you rank higher, generate more leads, and maximize profit. An actionable SEO strategy is the foundation of a booming online business. As you monitor your backlinks, you can bolster your SEO efforts and improve your performance.

Our backlink tracker helps you establish new link building partnerships, fix broken links, shift your focus to content, and make optimization a priority. Depending on your business, you’ll require a mix of different strategies and tactics to gain an edge. Our backlink checkergives you the data you need to create that custom mix.

Experience the RankGenie difference for yourself! Give us a call and we’ll take it from there.

Why should you choose Rank Genie as your backlink tracking tool?

Rank Genie crawls every single page on the internet for all the internal and external links it contains. We do this once every month, and have the latest backlink data you can find anywhere on the internet. With Rank Genie as your backlink tracker/backlink checker tool, you can keep a close eye on your own link profile as well as your competitors. By gaining access to every imaginable data point related to backlink analysis, you can perform in-depth backlink analysis and create a link building strategy that helps you rise through the ranks.

Furthermore, it's affordable, easy to use, constantly introducing new features, the first 30 days are free, try it and get the latest backlinks data today.


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