75% of users don’t scroll past the first page of search results, which means the race to dominate search results still continues. And what’s a great way to put your brand in front of customers? Improving your keyword ranking!

Keyword ranking—where your site ranks in search engines for a particular keyword—has a major impact on the amount of web traffic you get, your lead generation and conversion numbers. So the question now is—how do you find out which keywords your site ranks for? How do you monitor your keyword ranking and optimize it?

A free keyword rank tracker can solve these problems for you. It can not only track your site’s position for any keyword—across any region and device—but it can also provide daily updated data of how your optimization efforts impact your keyword ranking over time.

How To Turn Rank Tracking Into Actionable Insights

In this blog post, we’ll talk about how you can use a keyword rank tracker to create a well-rounded SEO strategy and improve your rankings.

Troubleshoot Traffic Drops

You come into work on Monday, only to find that your weekly traffic has dropped by 40%—where do you even begin looking?

Going over your keyword rankings is a great place to start.

Tracking keyword ranks not only allows you to stay up-to-date with the dynamics of your SEO efforts, but it enables you take immediate action in response to sudden traffic drops.

An abrupt ranking drop—although rare—can be caused by a variety of reasons: Google algorithm update, new SERP features that have caused a technical glitch to throw keyword positions off, or a manual action or penalty by Google.

When you’re using a connected SEO platform for keyword rank checking purposes—like Rank Genie—you can quickly analyze which pages (and keywords) have dropped and when, and come up with a hypothesis as to why it happened.

  • If your most-searched web page drops in position, your targeted keywords are likely the cause of traffic decline.
  • If your rankings drop for multiple pages and keywords overnight, start checking for the search engine’s algorithm updates.
    Use the rank tracking data to find similar pages that lost rankings and see if they have any similarities. It’s possible your site is getting penalized by an algorithm update.

There’s no reason for you to lose valuable web traffic, when you can review, analyze, and take immediate action in case of a downward spike with a Google keyword rank checker.

Analyze Keyword Performance across Different Devices

Ever since Google announced that it switched to “mobile-first” indexing, the mobile versions of sites have become a determining factor in overall search success.

Simply put, if your site has both desktop and mobile versions, the search algorithm prioritizes the mobile version. Therefore, you need to track mobile SERP rankings separately—and that’s where Rank Genie comes in! It allows you to compare keyword ranks for desktop and mobile devices side-by-side so that you have a better insight into which keywords, across either platform, need extra attention. Utilize a rank tracker to find out which device works best for your site, and thereby adjust the device targeting settings of your Google Ads in favor of the effective channels.

Get Personalized Results with Geo-Specific Rank Tracking

Keywords rank differently in different geographical locations. For instance, keywords like “plumber” or “car mechanic” typically have local intent and their ranking position differs depending on where they are searched from.

When looking for a keyword rank checker, make sure to consider one that tracks results across different regions associated with your target niche.

With Rank Genie, you can pinpoint your local SEO efforts to the exact areas you’re interested in.  By tracking the search popularity of products and services in different cities or countries, you can spot new keyword opportunities, and quickly adapt your content creation strategy to stay on top of local competitors.

Create Targeted Landing Pages and PPC Campaigns

A powerful keyword rank checker tool can help you discover which keywords consistently yield results and then group them with sophisticated organization tools.

Effective keyword grouping not only allows you to create strategic marketing initiatives, but it also contributes to:

  • Targeted PPC ads: Make the most of your keyword advertising campaigns with targeted ads that have higher click-through rates and improved Quality Scores.
  • Targeted landing pages: Optimize your landing pages for increased conversion rates with high-performing keywords that are bound to attract traffic.
  • Stronger and optimized information architecture: When you have an insight into which keywords drive the most traffic, you can structure your web content and ads around these keyword groups for better results.

Identify CTR issues

Knowing exactly where your site ranks for certain keywords can help you identify issues with click-through rates that may be impacting your web traffic.

Studies show that you can increase click-through rate by 30.8% by moving up a spot in search results. So, if you notice that your highest-converting web pages aren’t ranking well based on the tracking data, you can focus all your resources to drive more traffic to a page that you know already converts well and brings in revenue.

Spot organic CTR abnormalities with a daily rank tracking tool, like Rank Genie, and quickly recover lost rankings by making swift adjustments.

Visualize your SEO progress

Create a baseline for your keyword ranks and track how your SEO efforts are paying off over time with Rank Genie’s interactive graphs.

For each of your keywords, you can track:

  • Visibility – the percentage of organic clicks that land on your website
  • Average web traffic and search position – it displays a snapshot of your SEO progress over time
  • Position distribution – track ranking positions for keywords segmented via groups
  • Key metrics – use RankGenie to get deeper insights into estimated search volume, clicks, impressions, return rate, CPC, and more.

Use A Multi-Purpose Keyword Rank Tracker for Competitive SEO Intelligence

The best part about working with RankGenie is that apart from its ability to track rankings for up to 1000 keywords, it also tracks the backlinks on your web pages, giving you a quick analysis of the domains linking to you based on their domain authority and spam scores.

Remember, backlinks from low-quality and spammy sites can hurt your SEO rankings (or even get you penalized!) which is why you need to keep a close check on your backlink profile. If that wasn’t enough, you can even use this tool to get your hands on link building opportunities and perform an in-depth analysis of your website’s on-page SEO elements.

So, what are you waiting for? Diversify your SEO approach to see which areas need improvement with an all-encompassing rank checker tool: RankGenie.

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