Free Backlink Checker

This free backlinks checker by Rank Genie collects website urls as input and gives you 20 domains that link to the given website. With this data, you can do a quick check on who is linking to your website and who is linking to your competitors.

That being said, 10 domains are simply not enough to make a judgement about a domain. This free tool gives you a taste of what Rank Genie’s backlink tracker can do for you.

At Rank Genie, we have crawled the entirety of the internet for all backlinks on all websites. This is a continuous process and we keep the database updated at all times. If you want to gain access to the complete link profiles of the websites you are working on, sign up for the free trial and start today.

Why Check Backlinks?

The backlink profile of a website can make or break it from an SEO point of view. When working on a new website, SEOs like to tap into the link profiles of competitors and start building links from the same websites. When working on a website that has a pre-existing link profile, SEOs like to do a complete audit and disavow links that do not make the cut. A quick check can also help you see if you got that link you wanted, as well as see if you lost any links. In short, every SEO needs access to a tool that helps them keep track of their own link profile as well as that of the competitors, and Rank Genie is one such tool.

What Are Backlinks and Why Do They Matter?

Whether you recently launched a startup, run a small business, or own a multinational enterprise, establishing new connections should be high up on your list of priorities. No matter how great your products/services may be, you’ll struggle to make it big without extending your reach to more people, communities, and businesses. Backlinks help you do just that.
A backlink is a hyperlink on a third-party website that redirects web users to your domain. For instance, if Forbes links to your blogs, products/services, or infographics to supplement their own content, you’ll earn a high-quality backlink. The outcome? A massive inflow of web users who can easily be converted into leads. Better reach, better lead generation, better sales.

Tracking your backlinks is a great way to:

  • Monitor which businesses are offering you backlinks to establish backlink partnerships
  • Observe an increase/decrease in backlinks with the introduction of new SEO strategies
  • Implement actionable link building strategies to maximize backlinks
  • Identify gaps that can be turned into backlink opportunities

Track Your Competitors Backlinks

While tracking your own backlinks is a great way to increase your reach and climb search engine result pages (SERPs), it’s not enough. The SEO world is incredibly competitive. While you may be dominating SERPs one day, you could easily get replaced with a new business that employs better link building strategies the next.

Tracking your competitors’ growth is a great way to align your strategies with the same standard in mind and continually raise the bar.

Use our free backlink analysis tool to identify and examine your competitors’ backlinks. Are they generating backlinks from top-tier brands in your industry? Is the quantity of their backlinks more than yours? Have they mastered the art of consistently earning backlinks?

Answer these questions and more to adjust your link building strategy accordingly and stay ahead of the game. Our unlimited backlink tracker allows you to assess your competitors’ full backlink profile. We suggest using the tool to keep up with the top local competitors in your industry. If they’re appearing among the top local search results for industry-specific queries, there’s clearly a lot that they’re doing right. As you identify their backlink partners, you can connect with them and open up a plethora of backlink opportunities for your business.

Why Should I Use RankGenie's Website Backlink Checker?

By now, you probably have a sound understanding of why backlinks matter, and how tracking them can benefit your business. At RankGenie, we make the process of identifying and monitoring backlinks much easier.

Use our backlink tracker to filter and sort backlinks by:

  • Domain authority (DA)
  • URL authority
  • Link category (dofollow, nofollow, etc.)
  • Platform
  • Language
  • More!

By obtaining comprehensive backlink profiles, you can evaluate a wide range of metrics. How much estimated organic traffic is each backlink generating? What is the DA of businesses that are offering backlinks to your competitors? How do your competitors’ backlink profiles compare to yours? Work closely with our link building experts to devise winning strategies accordingly and earn more high-quality backlinks in the future.

We’ll break down the metrics and implement individualized strategies that help you rank higher on SERPs and get a much-needed boost in visibility. The more prominent your business is on search engines, the better the chances of earning backlinks that boost conversions.

Our tool also identifiesbroken links that prevent you from generating more traffic. These pages may have been deleted, moved, or incorrectly entered. While you may have earned a great backlink from a website with a high DA, it’ll go in vain if web users receive a “404 not found” error. As you identify broken links, you can use the broken link building strategy to fix them or suggest alternate page recommendations to the business that offered the backlink. These remedial tactics can help you regain the massive amount of traffic that was being lost. We’re continually assessing and upgrading our tool to ensure your business can make the most of it. If you’re ready to get started, sign up for a free 30–day trial. Feel free to call us at (888) 838-2691 for a quick overview of how our website backlink checker can benefit your business!

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