Free Keyword Rank Checker

The free keyword rank checker tool by Rank Genie gives you same day data for 10 keywords for any website along with a free taste of the capabilities of the Rank Genie platform.

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What can you do with the free keyword rank data?

You can use Rank Genie's free keyword rank tracking tool to achieve the following:

  • Get same day ranking data for 10 keywords for regions and devices of your choosing
  • Use the results to analyze where you stand vs. where you want to be
  • Measure how accurate Rank Genie's results are
  • See how Same Day Data on Demand works

Keyword rank tracking is a standard activity in SEO, arguably, there's no way around it. To see if your SEO strategy is working, you need to track keywords of interest and how different pages of your website are ranking for them.

Rank Genie uses a keyword based pricing model that gives you full control of how many keywords you want to track, with unlimited websites.

The free keyword tracking tool by Rank Genie can be used three times for 10 keywords each, for same day data. After that, you can sign up for a plan that fits your requirements.

The Free Trial Offers More

Here you can get a taste of Rank Genie’s rank tracking tool. In this free version, you can submit a website’s URL, enter keywords in the table, select regions and devices from drop downs, and get ranks in real time. Since this is a free rank checker, we will not maintain keyword history and you can only use it a few times. However, this free keyword tracking tool should give you some idea about how Rank Genie’s rank tracker works. If you like what the free keyword tracker has to offer, sign up for the free trial and use the rank tracker along with other features such as the backlink tracker, on-page SEO audit and more.Oh, and before we go, this SEO ranking checker free version does not show search volume, but the rank tracker available in the free trial does. Try it.