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Want to find websites you should get backlinks from? A good way to do it would be to see who is linking to your competitors and try to get backlinks from them. Enter your website’s address and at least three competitors, and find websites to get backlinks from.

What to do
with this data?

The data you see here is limited (since this is a free tool). You should copy this data and start reaching out to these websites with guest post ideas and start your link building activities. To gain a detailed list of websites and download them in the form of spreadsheets, sign up for the 30-Day free trial today.

Why Should I Check My Competitors’ Backlinks?

  • Struggling to attract a wide, local audience?
  • Failing to meet KPI targets?
  • Finding it hard to outdo your competition and rank higher on SERPs?

When it comes to online marketing, you can’t afford to rest on your laurels. With the competition at an all-time high, the bar is constantly being raised. If you’re not going the extra mile to increase online visibility for your business, you’ll get engulfed by the next big startup or dedicated small business in your industry.

As SEO becomes a go-to for most businesses, the interest in backlinks has skyrocketed. And it’s easy to see why. Acquiring high-quality backlinks from websites with high domain authority is akin to winning the online lottery. Not only do you get a massive influx of traffic, but you also speedily rank SERPs and make it easier for Google’s algorithm to crawl, index, and rank your site.

While tracking your own backlinks is essential, checking your competitors’ backlinks is just as important. Here’s why.

  • No matter how stellar your SEO strategy may be, there will always be someone who’s ahead of you.
  • Better rankings, greater traffic, impressive conversions, spectacular sales.

While you can adjust your strategy based on your performance, it’s very likely that you’ll miss the mark somewhere along the way. Instead, tweaking your strategy based on your competitors’ performance is a surefire way to yield results that leave you in awe. There’s a reason why certain competitors reach the top rungs of Google SERPs: they’ve mastered SEO. Not just temporarily, but consistently.

As you track and analyze their backlinks, you’ll get a glimpse into:

  • The quality of their backlinks (measured by looking at the backlink provider’s domain authority)
  • The frequency of their backlinks
  • The number of broken backlinks
  • The number of dofollow backlinks
  • The number of nofollow backlinks

A comprehensive overview of these metrics can help you understand why your competitors are getting the results they’re getting! As you identify the top businesses in the industry that are offering your competitors consistent backlinks, you can establish link building partnerships with them accordingly.

A detailed backlink profile also provides nuanced insights into a company’s link building efforts. You can pick up on trends and adjust your link building strategy accordingly. For instance, you may observe that a website with impressive domain authority offers a certain competitor one backlink every month. This is indicative of a link building partnership, as opposed to organic link building. Using this information, you can connect with the business as you’ve established that they participate in systematic, periodic link building. In essence, tracking your competitors’ backlinks is a great way to find new backlinks for your business. Our cutting-edge tool helps you do just that!

Grow Your Business With Link Building

As you identify the best backlink opportunities for your business, you can turn your attention to retouching your link building strategy.

  • Are you struggling to create enough guest blogs?
  • Is your content inadequately optimized?
  • Have you leveraged the broken link building strategy?
  • Are you converting unlinked mentions into backlinks?

Carefully evaluate your current approach to acquiring backlinks, and make adjustments where necessary. Here’s how you can go about this. Once you’ve examined the data generated from our link building tool, shortlist the top businesses based on domain authority and the frequency of backlinks offered.

Follow our two-step process:

1. Analyze the content of the website that offered the backlink: Carefully read their guest blogs to get an idea of the kind of content that gets featured on their site. What’s the length of the content? Is the tone professional or semi-casual? Is the blog well-researched? Once you get the gist of their content, browse through their guidelines for submitting guest posts. Create content that aligns with said guidelines, and pitch it to them.

2. Analyze your competitor’s content: Go over your competitor’s content to get a taste of the topics they’ve covered and their writing style. Compare your content to theirs. Is there a stark difference? Does your content fall short of the high standard they’ve set? Take these questions into consideration when revising your content marketing strategy. Try to emulate your competitor’s tone, cover similar themes and topics, include similar external links, and reflect their level of research. Remember, your content should be unique and original. While you can get inspired by your competitor, don’t get carried away. Retain authenticity while incorporating their link building strategies and optimization techniques into your plan.

As you tweak your content and pitch it to platforms with high domain authority, you’ll grow your business in the long run and establish a high level of quality. Over time, this will help you generate more organic backlinks as opposed to simply relying on link building partnerships.

Why Should I Choose RankGenie?

At RankGenie, we go the extra mile to ensure you’re equipped with state-of-the-art SEO tools that help you rank higher and get people talking about your business. Our result-oriented tools are designed to help you stand out from the crowd and establish a winning online presence. Our link building experts are ready to help you at any step of the way! Sign up to start your free 30–day trial and experience the RankGenie difference for yourself.

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