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Before you start your link building activities, you should run your website by Rank Genie's free SEO audit tool. We crawl your website for all major SEO elements so you can see what needs to be changed to improve your SEO rankings. Simply enter your url below and hit the button:

How to use the
free website audit tool?

Rank Genie’s free website audit tool gives you a taste of the on-page SEO module we offer via subscription. You can use this free on-page SEO checker for three different websites. This free SEO analysis tool crawls the home page of the website you submit and points out areas that need improvement.

Some of the best free SEO tools out there focus heavily on keyword research and link building, and those are super important, but you cannot build a strong foundation without on-page SEO.This free SEO site analysis tool helps you see if you are doing the basics right. Whether you are working on your personal website or trying to improve the rankings of a customer’s website, you can use this free SEO audit tool to get a general idea of where the website stands.

Simply enter the URL of the website, click the button, and let Rank Genie’s free website SEO analysis tool do its thing. It will point out different SEO metrics such as URLs, broken links, h1 and h2s, plagiarism and more. You will find that this is one of the best free SEO analysis tool out there.To get the full version along with rank tracker, backlink tracker, and other tools, sign up for a 30-Day trial today.

The free SEO audit performed here checks the website for the following:

  • Domain Elements
  • Meta Tags
  • URLs
  • Internal/External Links
  • Content
  • HTML
  • Search Optimization
  • Page Speed
  • Compression
  • Google

There are multiple SEO metrics grouped together under these major categories and each comes with an explanation of what it is and how to use the results to improve your website.

Here's a video explaining everything in detail:

Rank Genie’s Free Website Audit Tool

As an SEO, you mostly focus on link building and sometimes on-page SEO takes the backseat. With the help of Rank Genie’s free website audit tool, you can quickly run an audit on your website’s home page. It gives you a quick glimpse into what needs to be fixed on your website for you to improve your rankings.

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