Affordable, Accurate Keyword Rank Tracking With Same Day Data on Demand

Entrepreneurs, SEO freelancers, and SEO agencies all have one thing in common - they need to track keywords. That is why you need a keyword rank monitoring tool that helps you track all the keywords you are targeting for a website, keep a record of the ups and down, and make data driven decisions to improve your rankings.

Rank Genie's keyword tracking tool enables you to:

  • Get Same Day Data on Demand
  • Track specific regions for your keywords
  • Track specific devices for your keywords
  • Maintain historic data and trends
  • Download the ranking data in the form of spreadsheets and PDFs
  • Get search volume data and cpc for each keyword

SEO Simplified

Analyze your website, get actionable insights, and improve your ranking with the help of Rank Genie.

  • No credit card info needed.

Upscale And Downscale Your Plan

All you have to do is download the template, fill it up with the keywords you want to track, and upload the file in the system. We allow keywords to be tracked across multiple regions and devices; however, each unique combination is considered a single keyword. This means that if you want to keep track of "Real Estate Prices in Oklahoma" for both desktops and mobiles, it will count as two keywords.

You can upscale and downscale your plan based on the number of keywords you want to track. This gives entrepreneurs, SEO freelancers, and agencies a lot of flexibility in scaling their campaigns and starting more projects.

Why Track Keywords?

Every SEO strategy is tied to some goals, and most of those goals consist of two things:

  • The organic traffic you want to gain
  • The keywords you want to target to gain traffic

Keyword rank tracking is one of the many standard SEO practices that almost all SEO professionals perform as they implement new strategies and to improve their rankings. By tracking specific keywords for specific websites, regions, and devices, you can:

  • Create a baseline for your keyword ranks
  • Measure daily, weekly, and monthly changes in keyword ranks
  • Measure the effectiveness of your SEO tactics by monitoring active changes in keyword ranks
  • Communicate results of your SEO tactics to customers by sharing keyword rank reports

Want to use Rank Genie's keyword rank tracker tool?

How Rank Genie's Keyword Rank Tracker Works

You can start using Rank Genie's keyword rank tracker by signing up for a 30-Day free trial or signing in to your Rank Genie Account.

  • From the platform, access the keyword rank tracking tool visible on the left side of the screen.
  • Click the '+' sign to set up a new campaign
  • The keywords will be tracked for the primary website for the project
  • You can enter the keywords manually (comma separated), or download a template, fill it out, and upload keywords
  • Keywords being tracked for different regions and different devices will be treated as unique keywords, for example, if you want to track 'Locksmith in Texas' for both desktop and mobile, it will be tracked separately for both devices and will be counted as two keywords.
  • Once the keywords are uploaded, you will be taken back to the rank tracker dashboard

You can view the keyword results after a few minutes (depending on how many keywords you are tracking).

Your keyword history starts the first time you upload a list of keywords in Rank Genie. We recommend either using it as the starting point or use older data that you may already have. After that the system will start tracking your keywords on a weekly basis by default. You can demand same day data any time by simply clicking on a button. You can download the data in the form of a PDF or a spreadsheet and that's about it.

Oh, and you can go and increase the amount of keywords you are tracking via your account management tool.

Want to see Rank Genie's Keyword Rank Tracker in action?

Plans to Fit Your Needs and Budget

Rank Genie currently offers three standard plans based on the three types of people that use this platform.

Entrepreneur / Small Business: owners, entrepreneurs, and startups can benefits from the $24 per month subscription. This plan allows one user, up to 300 tracked keywords, and branded reports (you can download data but with the Rank Genie logo on it). Ideal for someone doing hands-on SEO for one or two websites. You can always scale up the keywords as you grow.

Freelancer: SEO professionals working as freelancers can benefit the most with this plan. At $40 per month, you get 500 tracked keywords, white label SEO reports (to share with your customers after you personalize them), can work with unlimited websites, look up link opportunities, track backlinks and more. Ideal for an SEO freelancer currently working with one or two customers. The plan can always be upgraded by adding more keywords as you grow.

Agency: This plan is ideal for agencies with multiple customers. You can start with five users, assign user roles such as managers and strategists, assign projects to different individuals and track up to 1000 keywords. You also get white label reports to share with your customers and all the other features present within the platform. You can always scale up and add more keywords, choose more support hours, and add more users.

$24 $40 $85 $
Entrepreneur / Small Business: Freelancer Agency Custom
Users 1 1 5
Websites Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Keywords Tracked 300 500 1000
Backlinks Tracked Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Link Opportunities
Website Audit
Update Frequency Daily* Daily* Daily* Daily*
Reports Branded Whitelabel Whitelabel
New/Lost Backlinks Alerts Daily* Daily* Daily* Daily*
keyword Movements Daily* Daily* Daily* Daily*
Support Hours 4 4 4

*Same day data on demand, weekly crawl by default

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