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Building links is a daily grind. You have to continuously maintain and update a list of websites you want to get links from, do your homework on the kind of topics that are of interest to them, reach out and start a conversation, pitch your ideas, create content, keep track of whether or not you got the link, rinse and repeat.

Depending on your industry, you may need anywhere from a few links to thousands of links to make it to page one. Here's how the link building process usually goes:

  1. Determine what type of websites you want links from
  2. Create a list of said websites
  3. Create a content plan based on the type of content said websites publish
  4. Contact the content managers of said websites through LinkedIn or by filling out a form on their site
  5. Pitch content ideas to those who are receptive
  6. Create content and make sure you get a do-follow link

Rank Genie's tool for link-building opportunities let's you compare your website with your competitors and see where they are getting backlinks from. It also lists out all the website types and their domain authority so that you can create a shortlist of websites to reach out to. This tool offers an effective way to perform competitor analysis and only focus on the important stuff.

If you want to see Rank Genie's link building opportunities in action.

How it Works?

  1. You enter the url of your website
  2. You enter the urls of five competitors
  3. The algo eliminates all the common backlinks between you and your competitors and shows you a list of websites linking to your competitors
  4. You can take notes against the names of the websites and filter the list by website type, domain authority and other factors
  5. You can also download this data or simply maintain it in Rank Genie.

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