Fully Managed SEO Services for Business Owners

Are you too busy to do your own SEO? Or may be SEO is an entirely new skill set for you and you want to make sure your website ranks for the right keywords while you learn. In either case, you need Rank Genie's managed SEO services.

  • Get a dedicated SEO strategist working on your website
  • Get a detailed SEO strategy and action plan in writing
  • Focus on other aspects of your business as the SEO strategist implements said plan
  • Get weekly ranking updates
  • Get monthly link profile updates
  • Get monthly website audit reports
  • Gain access to the Rank Genie dashboard with all on-page and off-page SEO modules

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Three month contract needed to see visible improvements in rankings.

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Managed SEO Service

What is Rank Genie'sManaged SEO Service?

SEO management is an activity that requires time as well as skill. You need to maintain a checklist of on-page as well as off-page activities, constantly improve your website, create content, add keywords, and build links all the while keeping one eye on Google's algo changes. All of this can be a strain on business owners trying to get their websites off the ground and get some traction from Google.

Rank Genie's managed SEO service helps fill that skills gap so business owners can focus on other aspects of their business. It is a package deal that includes:

  • Backlink management
  • SEO project management
  • SEO campaign management
  • SEO reputation management

Everything from evaluating your website to creating and implementing an SEO plan is covered in these services.

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Why Choose Rank Genie'sManaged SEO Service?

You should choose Rank Genie's Managed SEO services for the following reasons:

  • You want access to a dedicated SEO strategist and project manager for your website
  • You do not have the time to create new content, build links, and do your own SEO
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Managed SEO Service

How Rank Genie'sManaged SEO Service Works

Managed SEO Service

1. First Contact

You submit your website for evaluation and set up a time to meet with one of our SEO strategists

Managed SEO Service

2. Meeting

Our strategists meets with you, tells you their impression of your website, and gains a better understanding of your requirements and the goals you have in mind

Managed SEO Service

3. Creating a Plan

The strategist then sends you a detailed SEO action plan with clearly stated objectives and deadlines

Managed SEO Service

4. Signing a Contract

If the action plan is to your liking, you enter a three month relationship with us

Managed SEO Service

5. Implementation

We then move into implementation phase and start accomplishing once action item after another

Managed SEO Service

6. Reporting

You receive weekly rank reports as well as monthly website audit and link profile


Standard ($200)
  • Keyword Research
    • 10-15 keywords
  • Link Building
    • 5 Submissions
    • 5 Classifieds
    • 5 Community Participation
    • 5 Business Profiles
  • Meta Tags Creation
    • 5 Meta Tags
  • Web Content Optimization
    • 1 Blog
    • 5 Pages optimized
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  • Keyword Research
    • keywords
  • Link Building
    • Submissions
    • Classifieds
    • Community Participation
    • Business Profiles
  • Meta Tags Creation
    • Meta Tags
  • Web Content Optimization
    • Blog
    • Pages optimized
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