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Rank Genie User Agreement And Terms and Conditions of Service

The User Agreement, also referred to as the Agreement is a contact between you, the "User" and Rank Genie. As a user, you must read the terms and conditions and privacy policy document in full and accept all the terms, points, conditions, statements, content, and details mentioned in those documents / webpage on RankGenie.com

By checking the box and clicking on Submit, You, the User agree to legally honor the agreement between you and Rank Genie. If you do not accept this agreement in its entirety, you cannot access or use the Rank Genie tool.

The Agreement

The entire agreement supersedes any prior or contemporaneous discussions, agreements, representations, warranties, and other communications between them. Side Agreements. Clients and Contractors may enter into any supplemental or other written agreement that they find appropriate. The terms and conditions of this Agreement, however, will govern and supersede any term or condition in a side agreement that purports to expand Rank Genie's obligations or restrict Rank Genie rights under this Agreement. Notices: Consent to Electronic Notice.

No Waiver of rights

The failure or delay of either party to exercise or enforce any right or claim in this Agreement does not constitute a waiver of such right or claim and shall in no way affect that party's right to later enforce or exercise it, unless such party issues an express written waiver, signed by a duly authorized representative of each party.

What Is Rank Genie

Rank Genie is a Keyword Rankings Tool that plots rankings/search terms provided by users in Google and Bing. The purpose of the tool is to provide users with a reliable SEO tool that providers accurate rankings.

Rank Genie Eligibility Criteria

Anyone can use the Rank Genie tool provided they are at least 18 years of age and are capable of performing online credit card transactions and can enter legally binding contracts.


Rank Genie users including those on the free trial are required to comply with all laws and third party rights directly or indirectly pertaining to Rank Genie. As a “User” you agree to comply with all import and export laws and third party proprietary rights.

Payment Accounts

When a user registers at the Site, he pays Rank Genie, the service fee by creating the subscription.

Non-Refundable Fees

All fees associated with Rank Genie are non-refundable. Users who have a negative experience with the tool can provide their feedback for possible improvement, upgrades. However they will not be entitled to a refund.

Formal Invoices and Taxes

Rank Genie has no responsibility for determining the necessity of or for issuing any formal invoices, or for determining, remitting, or withholding any taxes applicable to the Payment Fees.

Acknowledgments by User of Rank Genie's Role

Service Contracts

Proprietary Rights Rank Genie and its licensors reserve all Proprietary Rights in and to the Rank Genie Platform. User may only use the Rank Genie Platform for the purposes of discharging its obligations under this Agreement and any Service Contract entered into pursuant to this Agreement and on the terms set out in the License Agreement. Rank Genie reserves the right to change the Rank Genie Platform at any time in Rank Genie’s sole discretion. User shall not be entitled to create any "links" to the Rank Genie Platform, or "frame" or "mirror" any content contained on the Rank Genie Platform, on any other server or internet-based device.

Identity and Account Security

Rank Genie is not responsible for ensuring and maintaining the secrecy and security of the User’s Rank Genie account password. The User is solely responsible for this. User agrees not to disclose this password to any third party and shall be solely responsible for any use of or action taken through the use of such password on Rank Genie. You must notify Rank Genie Support immediately if you suspect that your password has been compromised. We recommend you change your password immediately.

Enforcement of User Agreement and Policies

Rank Genie has the right, but not the obligation, to suspend or cancel your access to the Rank Genie Platform if it believes that you have violated or acted inconsistently with this Agreement or violated our rights or those of another party. Without limiting Rank Genie's other remedies, we may suspend or terminate your account and refuse to provide any further access to the Rank Genie Platform to you if: you breach any terms and conditions of this Agreement or other written policies and procedures posted on the Site; we are unable to verify or authenticate any information you provide to us; or we believe that your actions may cause legal liability for you, our Users or for Rank Genie. Once suspended or terminated, you MAY NOT continue to use the Rank Genie Platform under a different account or reregister under a new account. In addition, violations of this Agreement may be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and may result in additional penalties and sanctions.

Termination of a Service Contract

The User may terminate at any time but may not recover any payments made to Rank Genie unless mutually agreed upon.


Either party may terminate this Agreement at any time, with or without cause, effective immediately upon written notice to the other party provided that any such termination for convenience shall not affect the validity of any Service Contracts that have been executed prior to termination and this Agreement shall continue to apply with respect to such Service Contracts.

Cancellation Policy

The user can cancel the service anytime directly from the subscribed Paypal account or from registered Rank Tracker account (in case Paypal isn't used as a payment service).

Warranty Disclaimer

Rank Genie makes no express representations or warranties with regard to the services, the tool Rank genie itself and / or any activity directly or indirectly related to Rank Genie and the User agreement.


Under no circumstances, will Rank Genie be liable or held liable for any consequential, special, incidental, exemplary or indirect costs or litigation costs, damages, installation and removal costs or loss of data, theft, credit card misuse, production or profit.

USERS Consents Rank Genie To:

Use electronic means to complete this Agreement and to deliver any notices pursuant to this Agreement; and electronic records to store information related to this Agreement or your use of the Rank Genie Platform.

Notices hereunder shall be invalid unless made in writing and given: by Rank Genie via email (in each case to the address that you provide), a posting on the Rank Genie Site or by you via email to info@ranktrackr.com or to such other addresses as Rank Genie may specify in writing. The date of receipt will be deemed the date on which such notice is transmitted. Changes and modifications Rank Genie may at any time and without notice make changes to its Privacy Policy with future effect.

Your continued use of the Rank Genie Platform after the effective date of a revised version of this Agreement constitutes your acceptance of its terms. No modification or amendment to this Agreement shall be binding upon Rank Genie unless an authorized representative of Rank Genie consents this in writhing (written instrument shall expressly exclude electronic communications such as email and electronic notices but shall include facsimiles).

Choice of Law

Any disputes involving Rank Genie arising out of or relating to this Agreement are subject to Slovenian law and the Ljubljana City Court has exclusive jurisdiction to determine any such dispute.

Informal Dispute Resolution

Rank Genie and User hereby agree that any Claims shall first be settled through the RankTrackr dispute resolution program. In case of any disputes please contact us at info@rankgenie.com to initiate the dispute resolution program.

Prevailing Language

The English language version of this Agreement shall be controlling in all respects and shall prevail in case of any inconsistencies with translated versions, if any.

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RankGenie was made because of our deep desire to empower DIY SEOs and agencies; that's why we love nothing more than hearing all the great feedback our customers have

We started using Rank Genie for keyword tracking mainly because they deliver same day data on demand, and that too for an affordable price. The platform is simple to use and our team leads and SEO experts love it. Will give it 10/10.”

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