Rank Genie’s Website SEO Audit Tool

If we dumb down SEO, it is all about fixing all the on page elements on your website so you can focus on off page elements and link building, lots and lots of link building. When you tell us about your website as you sign up, our bots get to work and start evaluating your site for a number of on-page SEO elements, such as the quality of your internal and external links, your meta data and descriptions, your sitemap and so on. With our website analysis tool, you can go through the page and see which areas need improvements, so you can take action right away.

Our on page SEO checker tool is the product of us answering that question, and coming together to create a truly one-stop SEO product that agencies know they can rely on to best serve their clients.

How It Works

The Rank Genie bots crawl your website. Analyze it. And update the website audit section for the following on-page SEO elements:

Domain Elements

This has everything to do with how your domain is set up. From your domain authority to SSL encryption to when your domain expires, all factors have an impact on your domain score.

Meta Tags

This shows the score of how your meta titles, meta tags, and meta descriptions are set up. If the descriptions and titles are unique, contain keywords, and are of a recommended length, the score will be higher.


The URL is the web address you type in your internet browser to get to your website. Each page on your website has a unique url and its length, keywords, and a number of other factors may impact the ranking of that page. The url score in this section tells you how well the urls of your site are setup.

Note: A lot of the metrics in this section will recommend you to change your urls, but please make sure you only change the urls of pages that are receiving little to no organic traffic.

Internal/External Links

Your internal and external links can make or break your rankings. If your external or internal links lead to broken pages, your score will be low. Similarly, if your external links lead to low quality sites, your score will be low. This is a great place to see all your links in one place and improve your score.


This section tells you whether or not the content on your website is plagiarized, duplicate, contains very few keywords, contains too many keywords, uses h1, h2, h3 properly and more. You can also request a content audit by a human editor.


After crawling your website for content, links and other factors, we also read the coding behind the website and see how Google and other search engines are reading it. This section deals with 404s, image SEO, html to text ratio, rich snippets, zombie pages, and more.

Search Optimization

In this section you find out whether or not there are issues with your sitemap and robots.txt file.

Page Speed

This section deals with mobile optimization and page load speed. Page speed is the only variable in the world of marketing that has a directly proportional relationship with conversion and rankings. i.e. you improve page load speed and conversion and rankings go up. See your score and look for ways to improve your page speed. (You may need a professional designer/developer to make your site mobile friendly).


Compression has a direct impact on page load speed and how your site behaves in the browser. This section deals with unnecessary or redundant data on your websites and reviews code comments and formatting, unused code, shorter variable and function names, and so on.


This section deals with your Google listing and your overall presence on Google. Google Analytics Score: Here we check whether Google analytics is installed on your website. Google Listings Score: Here we check how well your Google listing is doing.

What to do with this information?

You can hover on the 'i' symbol on all the metrics being measured and get detailed information about what the results mean and what you should do next. For example, if there are broken internal links on the website, hovering on the 'i' will show you our advice on how to overcome that problem by replacing the links.

The website audit tool, along with keyword rank tracking, backlink tracking, and link opportunities makes Rank Genie one of the most effective SEO platform in the industry. If you want to see the website SEO audit tool in action, start your 30-Day free trial today.

Why use Rank Genie’s Website SEO Audit Tool?

When you start a project in Rank Genie, whether to track your keywords or your backlink profile, your website SEO audit starts. It starts with the home page and continues to other pages. You get a score and the tool points out the issues that can be resolved to improve your on-page SEO. The website SEO audit is a good tool to run your website through from time to time as it will tell you what you need to do to improve your rankings.

A periodic website SEO audit is also needed because most SEOs dedicate 90% of their time to link building, and on-page activities become limited to the occasional keyword density check. Rank Genie’s website SEO audit tool reminds you to improve multiple on-page SEO elements and keep a constant check on your meta data, keyword density, plagiarism, schema, page load time, ssl encryption and more.

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